Zebrafish Feeders

The ZF3 Zebrafish Feeder increases efficiency and health in your Zebrafish Colony while lowering costs. Three easy to use preset settings, 120mL capacity and sturdy anodized aluminum construction provide a consistent method to dispense Gemma and other diets in the 100-500 micron range


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Preventative Maintenance

Danio Lab’s preventative maintenance programs offer Best-In-Class service with the same quality parts provided by Zebrafish housing system manufacturers.

- pH and conductivity electrodes
- Replacement UV lamps and quartz sleeves
- Filter bags and cartridges
- Custom upgrades and emergency repairs available

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Consulting/System Design

Danio Lab has assisted in the design and construction of the largest Zebrafish systems in the world. Our expertise in aquatics room layout, system design and installation can help make planning your new lab or upgrading an existing aquatics facility a success.



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Mission Statement

Danio Lab accelerates biomedical research by providing the scientific community with innovative services and tools. Our attention to detail and superior customer service guarantees your research continues seamlessly.


With over 15 years of experience in developing solutions for Zebrafish husbandry, Danio Lab understands the needs of animal husbandry experts, scientists starting their very first lab and complex core facilities requiring sophisticated design.  Contact us to see how we can help accelerate your research.

Contact Information

Email: hello@daniolab.com
Phone: (617) 982-3151
Location: Boston, MA, USA

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